Pariksha is an impeccable tool to hone your aptitude and comprehension skills. In depth analysis helps one improve fast with an edge over others.
Jayant Raj

Placed at Mahindra R&D

I started the placement preparations a little late, so although I had gone through the topics for aptitude tests, I did not have a good speed and made occasional silly mistakes. Pariksha aptitude tests helped me figure out my strengths and weaknesses and provided ample practice which was very helpful in improving my speed and accuracy. Also, the level of the practice tests was much better than the other sources of aptitude questions, so I never had any issues with the difficulty level of tests during placements. The weekly speed tests during the end months were very similar to the online tests that most of the companies gave and hence proved to be very beneficial. Some of the puzzles asked during interviews were the exact ones provided by Pariksha and most of them required a similar kind of approach. Most importantly, practising these puzzles exposed me to various approaches one can take in tackling a problem and I guess during the pressure situations one goes through during an interview, this practice pays.
Juhi Chandra

Placed at Edelweiss

For sure pariksha.co is one of the best platform for placement preparation. Number of puzzles and questions covered are adequate enough to crack any type of aptitude question paper. I attempted all of the tests and solved almost all of the puzzles and it helped me a lot in placement season!
Prabhash Mishra

Placed at Fuzzy Logix‬

Pariksha offers a complete package for placement preparation. Its weekly tests familiarize you with a wide variety of aptitude questions. They also identify your weak areas to help you optimise your preparation process. Its collection of puzzles is quite exhaustive and sufficient for almost all interviews. I especially like their speed tests, since several companies conduct these as part of their selection process and it is difficult to practise such tests on any other platform. An indispensable tool for anyone looking to ace their placements.
Md Ahsen Parwez

Placed at Capital One

Pariksha.co has become like the one stop shop for all your placement preparation enquiries and materials. The analysis of the weekly tests that I took while preparing for the placement, not only helped me develop an insight into my strong and weak sections, but also enabled me to strategize how & what questions to attempt in the varied kinds of tests that the companies take. The puzzle section consists of a great collection which clears out the dilemma of browsing through multiple sites. All-in-all, Pariksha.co is a very effective, user-friendly and target-oriented tool which gives you an edge over the others. Highly recommend it to students sitting for campus placements across all campuses.
Vishal Heliwal

Placed at EXL Services

I came across their website during my placement preparation. It helped me a lot with my placement tests and interviews. Their weekly tests have constantly motivated me to perform well. Their platform is very sleek and easy to use. Adaptive learning feature helped me to target on my weak areas. The website also provides proficiency level for each section which is a fair indicator of one's mastery of the topic. The difficulty level of the questions in practice mode is optimum. When I look back at my placement preparation, I find it was fun rather than a stressful process and all this can be credited to pariksha.
Aniruddha Zalani

Placed at VISA

Solving questions on Pariksha.co is improving confidence in me. The way the questions were asked made me realize the real time situation of aptitude exams conducted by company's when they come for recruitment.
Gande Ajay Kumar

Student, IIT Guwahati

I wish if I had this with me during my preparations, its analytics are really insightful, pariksha proves that silly mistakes also share a pattern and are avoidable if you really get hold of them.
Madhur Vyas

Student, IIT Bombay

I'm jealous. To think I prepared the hard way! Pariksha is literally redefining the 'smart way '!
Mridul Mittal

Student, IIT Kharagpur

The best part about Pariksha is that you get to know which part to focus on, the type of mistakes you make and it guides you accordingly. Basically, it does the introspection for you !
Anurag Vaishnav

Student, IIT Kanpur

Only someone who's gone through the drill could have built something like this. Highly recommended for all IIT aspirants
Pinky Moolani

Student, BITS Pilani

At first I had not thought that Pariksha.co will be so good for Pre-prep tests but after giving 2 tests i can certainly tell that you Pariksha guys have done a great Job. I found the tests to be very useful and innovative. I certainly would recommend others to use Pariksha.co.
Dilkhush Meena

Student, IIT Jodhpur

Helping us from our first career step, it is doing a tremendous job. Relevant content, nice interface and most important detailed analysis helps a lot.
Tushar Kant Garg

Student, IIT Guwahati

A nice platform for honing your analytical skills for placements.

Student, IIT Madras

You won't find such a platform which would hone your skills for placement session.
Lakshay Idiwal

Student, IIT Kanpur