Play, Practice, Challenge & Compete

  • Acing an exam is 70% practice & 30% classroom learning
  • Practice with our ever growing database of relevant questions
  • Take our All India live mock tests & assess yourself at national level before the real exam
  • Our incentive based, gamified practice sessions help retain interest, increase speed, accuracy & instill motivation

Adapt, Learn, Master & Succeed

  • Personalized practice sessions as no two students are same, neither is their proficiency level & learning curve
  • Adaptive testing automatically adjusts difficulty level of questions based on students' performance
  • Adaptive & mastery based learning helps students prepare better by creating personalized learning sessions

Strength, Weakness, Accuracy & Speed

  • Graphical analytics highlighting students' absolute & relative strength, weakness, accuracy & speed
  • Evaluate & compare performance at peer group, institute or national level
  • Track performance improvement real time or over time
  • Based on insights learn how much time should be devoted to each subject, topic & subtopic

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