Frequently Asked Questions


What is

Pariksha is an online exam preparation platform comprised of practice and assessment.

How is it different from other platforms?

We are a technology centric platform and offer features like in depth analytical feedback, adaptive & mastery based learning and a gamified environment to practice; where as others players are primarily content centric platforms. We strongly believe that our platform can offer students an edge over others.

Can Pariksha really help me in preparing better?

You bet, it will change the way you prepare. The analytics are so strong that they will pin point your strengths, weaknesses, accuracy and speed. The platform tracks your performance real time/over time and continuously offers error free feedbacks. More over we believe no two students are the same, so it automatically adapts to each students proficiency level and assigns mastery based learning objectives to clear and strengthen concepts. And yes, we ourselves have been through the process of preparing for IIT and we know how boring it gets some time, so we have gamified the practice aspect to keep you interested and in the mode.

I have already joined other test series, how would Pariksha help?

Unlike other test series packages, Pariksha offers you a highly personalized experience according to your level of preparation. Adding to that, Pariksha is used by a large student community with whom you can compare, discuss and get feedback.

I have already subscribed to other test series and have purchased a lot of books and study material? Why should I subscribe to Pariksha?

Books are great to learn theory and concepts but it is also very important for your child to supplement his/her preparation with practice. Pariksha has a large question bank which your can use for the same. Please remember it is 70% practice that helps crack exams like IIT JEE.

Can I compare my performance with others?

Yes, you can compare your performance with Topper & Average .

What is live (Pariksha All India Live Test) test?

Live test is a pre-scheduled online test by Pariksha, it can be taken by all paid members across the country, irrespective of coaching institute they are studying with. The result which states all India rank of test givers are declared at the end of test along with detailed analytical insights for each student.

What is All India Rank and why is it important?

The All India Rank is rank achieved by the student by giving Pariksha All India Live Test, these are mock test and will help student in assessing their comparative preparation level.

Do you disclose the name of the student in comparison?

No, it is relative.

What all exams are available on

Right now we have launched (IIT Entrance exams) JEE Main and JEE advance.

Is a subscription fee refundable?

Yes refund within 30 days.

What is the duration of subscription period?

The duration is mentioned in the test series plan details.

Can I transfer or assign my subscription to some one else?

No, subscription is non transferable.

How can we pay for our subscription?

We accept payment through credit cards, debit cards and net banking. Our payments are processed through India’s leading payment gateway